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We provide professional landscaping services at McMichael’s 19th Hole Enterprises to many property owners in and around North Wildwood, NJ. We have been providing our services for more than three decades and have established a reputation for quality services and affordability.

Professional landscaping services provide several benefits to property owners. First of all, our expert landscapers can help improve the overall health of your soil. Our landscaping services include building retaining walls and using ground cover to protect your home from erosion.

Regular landscaping also reduces, if not completely eliminate, pests. The landscaping services we offer at McMichael’s 19th Hole Enterprises makes your lawn and your home unattractive to pests. We do this by improving the condition of your lawn and use plants that naturally keep pests away.

Most importantly, landscaping increases the aesthetic value of your home. A beautiful lawn makes your home look fantastic. This is helpful if you have plans to sell your home later on. At McMichael’s 19th Hole Enterprises, we have expert landscaping designers who can help you create a lawn that would make heads turn.

We use environmentally safe products and fertilizers on plants, as well as modern tools and equipment that allow us to go about our work in an efficient manner. Our landscapers are highly trained, skilled, talented, and have a genuine love of plants. You can rest assured that your landscaping needs are being handled by experts.

At McMichael’s 19th Hole Enterprises, we work hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in every project that comes our way. We have decades of award-winning designs to be proud of, and we are looking forward to making your lawn one of them.

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