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We provide expert masonry services at McMichael’s 19th Hole Enterprises. We have over 30 years of experience working with residential and commercial clients in North Wildwood, NJ. We also offer the most competitive rates for masonry services in the area.

Your home regularly needs repairs to maintain its beauty and durability. Whether it is refurbishing your fireplace or fixing chimney walls, you would have a need for professional masonry services.

Masonry requires expert craftsmanship and a lot of patience. At McMichael’s 19th Hole Enterprises, we assign stone masons with years of experience and training to every project. This guarantees that we will deliver exceptional results that not only fit your needs but also your budget.

At McMichael’s 19th Hole Enterprises, we invest in the best masonry tools and equipment. By using quality equipment and tools, we ensure efficiency and accuracy in our work. This significantly reduces errors and minimizes delays that can cost our clients more money.

We are very selective when hiring our stone masons. We make sure that applicants have several years of experience and are highly skilled. This is important since we have to be certain that we will send someone to you who can deliver work that is above your expectations. We also invest in training our employees on the latest in masonry techniques and equipment.

At McMichael’s 19th Hole Enterprises, we promise exceptional masonry service and that is exactly what we deliver. Do not hesitate to drop by our office today and spend some time trying one of our mini-golf courses. If you score a hole in one, it is 20% off!